Willa Jean

August 9, 2015
By: FeedithNola

The Besh Restaurant Group has never created something that we don't love, and its newest endeavor, Willa Jean Bakery, does not disappoint.  Not only does this bakery offer plates as refined as Besh' best, but it has the added bonus of serving every meal seven days a week. We're tempted to be there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Try it.  You will be too. 

Food: Willa Jean offers plates as heavy or light as patrons desire. On the light side, the smoked salmon on pumpernickel was a work of art for the eyes as well as the palate. Every single bite had the perfect balance of herbs, fresh cheese, red onion, and bright red salmon. To compensate for this relatively healthy decision, we ordered a “side” biscuit & sausage gravy that was practically as big as Edith. The biscuit somehow managed to be buttery, flaky and crumbly all at once. Willa Jean’s version of Eggs Benedict landed on the lighter side with fresh blue crab, a house-made English muffin, and hollandaise whipped until delicate and refined. Everything on the menu appears to follow suit: familiar with unpretentious updates that turn ordinary brunch staples into the extraordinary.