The Cocktail Heatmap: Where To Drink Right Now

August 19, 2015
By: Nora McGunnigle, Eater NOLA

With the help of the Eater 38 and the Eater Heatmap, it's a breeze to find out where to eat right now, whether it's a hot newcomer or an old neighborhood standby. Now it's just as easy to find out where to get a good, stiff drink in New Orleans.

Eater's Cocktail Heatmap is a guide to the hottest bars of the moment, so only places that have opened, or undergone a major change, in the past year qualify. Rather than feature the perennial favorites — we will assume the readership already knows how to get their Cure, French 75, and Twelve Mile Limit on — this guide focuses on operations that have opened in the last year, or recently undergone a major revamp. Happy drinking, and as always, feel free to leave a comment with new suggestions.

2 Willa Jean

This bakery and then some boasts not only carby delights to eat, but also a coffee and tea based cocktail menu unlike any other in town. Also boozy coffee slushies, like a frappuccino gone wild. 

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