A glance at Willa Jean, opening Aug. 6 in the Paramount

August 5, 2015
By: Helen Freund, Gambit New Orleans
Photo: Milk and Cookies, Helen Freund

At Willa Jean (611 O'Keefe Ave.; www.willajean.com), a bakery and cafe opening Aug. 6 in The Paramount building, Kelly Fields’ childhood memories find their way to the plate.

In a re-imagined cookies and milk dessert, chocolate chip cookies are served with a glass of Tahitian vanilla milk and a beater full of fresh cookie dough. 

“For me, when I was baking cookies growing up, the experience was never as fun if you didn’t get to have a little dough straight off the cookie beater,” says Fields, who is the restaurant’s executive chef and named the space after her grandmother.

“It’s about who she encouraged me to be, which is why I am where I am now,” Fields says.

Fields is partnering with Besh Restaurant Group chefs Lisa White, Brian Landry (of Borgne) and John Besh in the venture, which aims to be a cafe, bakery, lunch and dinner spot all in one.