Designated Diner: Sweet and Savory at Willa Jean

September 22, 2015
By: Renée Peck, Nola Vie
Photo: Renée Peck

The restaurant: Willa Jean, 611 O'Keefe Ave.

Its MO: Bakery based, this Warehouse District newcomer has something baked at the heart of every dish, whether it's bread dumplings beneath the roast chicken or homemade ciabatta supporting the crostini.

Why Wesley chose it: There's a lot of buzz about Willa Jean -- I've been told numerous times since I got back that I had to try it. But people aren't quite sure what it is. A bakery? Coffee shop? Cafe?

What Wesley looks for in a restaurant: Presentation is cool but not that important to me. The food is always paramount. If it comes in a brown bag and tastes good, I'm down. And maybe it's because my generation is always in a hurry, but I can't put enough emphasis on good service. I'm not one to particularly enjoy the four-hour big-deal meal.