This Is How We Roll

September 22, 2015
By: Elyse Inamine, Tasting Table

Croissant-doughnut hybrids may come and go, but doughy, icing-covered cinnamon rolls are forever.

They may not be sugar crusted and totally on trend like orange-scentedmorning buns. Or gluttonously gooey and speckled with nuts like sticky buns. Actual debates on the minute distinctions have, ahem, arisen among Sarah Simmons and her team as they get ready to open Rise Gourmet Goods & Bakeshop next month in Columbia, South Carolina.

"Basically what we determined is that a sticky bun uses the same technique as a cinnamon roll, which requires a dough with a cinnamon-based filling rolled up and sliced," Simmons says. "But in a sticky bun, the topping is layered on the bottom of the pan before baking."