The Best Pumpkin Pie Recipe Gets Even Better With Roasted White Chocolate

December 7, 2015
By: Alia Akkam,

As a rebellious kid, Kelly Fields remembers sneaking into the kitchen of her childhood home in South Carolina’s Lowcountry during the wee hours: “To steal an extra slice of the chocolate-peanut butter pie my mom would occasionally make.” The surreptitious activity is befitting of the New Orleans–based pastry chef, who has long whipped up desserts for chef-restaurateur John Besh’s vast empire.

While this clandestine confectionery memory has forever biased Fields—“to this day it’s still my absolute favorite; it was so delicious”—it’s also inspired her to turn out a slate of homespun pies at Willa Jean. Besh’s new Southern-accented bakery and café in the Central Business District—where Fields runs the show with Lisa White—is the coveted destination for such holiday-perfect renditions as chocolate-bourbon-pecan and pear-and-sour-cherry.