What exactly is king cake?

February 2016
By: Grace Culter, Fox News

One of the lasting Mardis Gras traditions, along with beads, costumes and parties, is the brightly colored king cake.

Carnival season, starting on Kings Day (Jan. 8) and ending on Ash Wednesday (Feb10 this year), is dominated by the eating of this cinnamon treat, which sparks massive lines at New Orleans area bakeries like Randazzo’s in Metairie and Haydel’s.

Made from thin layers of pastry, king cake is best described as a cinnamon sugared sweet bread --like a cross between a brioche, a coffee cake, and a doughnut.  Typically decorated in three colors of sugar (purple represents justice, green represents faith and gold represents power), it comes with all types of fillings.

According to tradition, a little plastic baby is put inside the cake, and the lucky person who lands the piece with the baby is supposed to provide the king cake next year.

But like fruit cake, it often gets a bad rap for being tasteless and dry due to the custom in which it’s baked.  But king cake can be gooey and delicious.