GoNOLA Tops: Grilled Cheese, Please

April 10, 2016
By: Emily Smith, Go Nola

The concept of a grilled cheese sandwich might seem simple, but the elements that make up the best require a little forethought. Start with some hearty bread that will crisp nicely, quality cheese, and real butter. The rest is open for variation.

Many New Orleans restaurants and bars are crafting some seriously fancy grilled cheese sandwiches at various price points. Pair with a glass of wine or beer, creamy tomato soup, or just relish in the nostalgia of this unmistakable comfort food. It’s like that saying, “When life hands you lemons, have a grilled cheese,” or something like that…

Willa Jean
Leave it up to the pastry chef masterminds Kelly Fields and Lisa White to create an ultra decadent version with gooey, melted pimento cheese on buttered bread served with a cup of seasonal soup (right now it’s cauliflower and crab). Available on the lunch menu for $15.