10 Hottest Restaurants in New Orleans

April 5, 2016
By: Zagat Staff

With a unique mix of Native American, African American, Creole and European influences, New Orleans is one of the top cultural destinations in the U.S. — heck, the world. Its historic architecture, otherworldly cemeteries, renowned music scene and lively street parties draw crowds from across the globe. Musicians like gospel queen Mahalia Jackson and Duke Ellington cemented the sound of the city, and their influence is still felt annually at Jazz Fest (April 22-May 1), one of the biggest reasons for out-of-towners to visit the Big Easy. To help get you ready for the music and food-filled weekend, we've partnered with Ticketmaster to reveal the 10 hottest restaurants to check out while you're in town.

Will Jean

Why It’s Hot: Besh Restaurant Group pastry chef Kelly Fields and pastry chef Lisa White (Domenica and PIZZA Domenica) are two of the best bakers in town. Together with Besh, the pair have brought the southern bakery cafe to the 21st century. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the spot serves an array of updated classics, ranging from crawfish étouffée with a cornbread biscuit and griddled meatloaf to warm chocolate pudding and a selection of biscuits.

Must-Order: The smoked salmon breakfast and lunch tartine are light yet bold.

Insider Tip: Try a boozy slushie or tea- and coffee-inspired craft cocktail.