Where The Locals Eat in New Orleans

March 2016
By:Allyson Fulcher, The Every Girl

When planning to visit a city, my first order of business is ALWAYS where I am going to eat. I’ll spend weeks researching and trying to find the best restaurants by pouring over Yelp photos, TripAdvisor reviews, frequent Instagram check-in spots, asking friends on Facebook...you name it, I've done it. But sometimes there are even things strangers on the Internet can’t tell you. And for that, you want to go straight to the locals.

The local people on the ground floor of food consumption who hear about restaurant openings long before the press and visit without rose colored vacation glasses to give an honest opinion. You can tell the true vibe of a city not by where the tourists line up around the corner but where the locals spend their Sunday morning.

That’s why I gathered a few trusted natives in one of the most legendary food meccas of the South, New Orleans. Juley Le is a foodie, creative consultant, and the lifestyle blogger behind Upperlyne & Co. Hattie Moll isthe shop owner of Hattie Sparks and has lived in New Orleans for over eight years with a passion for dining out. Lauren Lagarde is the owner of a boutique communications agency specializing in entertainment and lifestyle brands constantly taking her clients to the best spots in town. Sound like theperfect panel? Here are the 14 New Orleans restaurants they can’t live without.

Just down the street from my shop, this contemporary bakery is my go-to for a savory breakfast or a sweet afternoon treat. Not only is the space gorgeous, but everything from the food to the coffee and the cocktails are also done so perfectly. 

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