Top Female Chefs Gather to Eat, Drink and be savvy at 'Yes Ma'am, Yes Chef'

June 8, 2017
By: Ann Maloney, The Times-Picayune

High-powered female chefs and women seeking to move up on the culinary world will gather on June 15 in New Orleans for a "Yes Ma'am, Yes Chef," a day of panel discussions, dinner and late-night fun organized by Kelly Fields, chef and partner in Willa Jean restaurant.

The idea behind the event is to pull together top female chefs to talk about how to get more women into leadership roles in the industry.

"Women make up about 50 percent of culinary graduates these days, but only 6 percent of ownership and management positions are held by women," Fields said.

She decided to pull together the event after asking herself: "So, how do have a fun conversation about why this happens?"

Fields wrote to women in the field who have succeeded, who have developed a voice in their communities and whom she admires, and they agreed to come, she said.