House and Leisure: The Big Easy is Back

August 2017
By: Mary Holland, House and Leisure

Renowned as the birthplace of jazz and distinctive Caribbean-meets-the-South style, New Orleans has never needed trendy hot spots to attract travellers. If anything, the trendy spots needed New Orleans. Yes, there are hip hotels and artisanal coffee shops, but there are also stalwart jazz clubs, graveyard tours and dingy dive bars. In New Orleans, Louisiana (or NOLA for short), you can have both your craft coffee and your authentic jazz experience -- with a side of cheap beer to boot. 


Willa Jean 

There are a number of foods you shouldn't leave NOLA without eating, and biscuits (baked goods that are basically like large scones) are among them. Local favourite Willa Jean is so serious about biscuits, it has an entire menu section dedicated to them. The modern Southern restaurant does breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the most unforgettable meal is weekend brunch, which has a menu peppered with comfort food such as crawfish and grits, BBQ shrimp, cornbread, fried chicken -- and biscuits, of course. 

Printed: August 2017 

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