Vogue: Top Female Chefs Reveal Their Best Summer Grilling Tips

July 28, 2017
By: Jenn Rice, Vogue

Summertime and the living’s easy. . .and by now, the grill should also be christened and ready for some serious grilling. But beyond gourmet patties and dogs—or, as is perhaps more au courant, a ton of vegetables—there is a bounty of other unexpected items to grill and techniques to try, as several of our favorite lady chefs reveal. Here, they their favorite things to toss on the grill this summer along with their favorite grilling tips.

Kelly Fields, Willa Jean "I've been really excited to [grill] desserts and bread this summer! I've got a new open flame cooker (the KUDU grill) and it has all these fun accessories like a Dutch oven and a bread maker, so I've officially been giving summer grilling an overhaul. I took a Dutch oven last weekend, set it straight into the coals, placed coals all around and on top of it and, literally, baked a peach cobbler while grilling pork chops, peaches, and onions above it. I've been working on a shortcake to bake on the grill, that would then be topped with all sorts of grilled summer stone fruits and berries and whipped sour cream."