Essential News for Unapologetic Bread Lovers

October 21, 2015
By: Justine Sterling, Food and Wine

Bread can be more than a side dish or a sauce-mopper. When it’s good—really good—it can be dinner by itself. And these days, really good bread is everywhere. New bakeries across the country are taking the time to bake up fresh, delicious loaves, long-fermented and made with local ingredients, that are good enough to stand on their own. So take advantage of the trend and pick up a main-course-worthy loaf from one of these incredible bakeries.

Pastry chefs Kelly Fields (the Besh Restaurat Group) and Lisa White (Domenica and PIZZA Domenica) joined forces to head up this new bakery and restaurant, one of the latest additions to John Besh’s empire. Named for Fields’s grandmother, the menu at Willa Jean is distinctly Southern, with dishes like hot boudin and griddled meatloaf, but the real heart of the menu is the bread, which shows up in almost every dish and is also available to buy. Made with locally milled grains, breads include seasonal pumpkin babka and seeded wheat.