Besh’s new bakery, Willa Jean

August 13, 2015
By:Meghan Kluth, WGNO

 If you love bread welcome to heaven. Willa Jean is the latest installation in John Besh’s restaurant dynasty, and currently holds the title of literally the best cookies I have ever tasted. According to Chef Kelly Fields, the recipe took 2 years to perfect.

News with a Twist reporter, Meghan Kluth investigated the story behind Willa Jean yesterday. The concept has been in the conversation between chef Kelly Fields and Besh for a decade, and on it’s first day open sold 1000 baked goods within 2 hours. What makes it different from his other restaurants such as Johnny SanchezLukeAugust, andShaya is that the menu is formed around bread. Pastry chef, Lisa White is a partner in the restaurant, and Fields regards her as the most talented baker in the south, so now you know what we’re working with.