What's the next hot New Orleans dining neighborhood?

December 26, 2015
Todd A. Price, Times-Picayune

As the year comes to a close, three neighborhoods stood out for those of us obsessed with eating and drinking. Although new places came to the traditional dining centers of Uptown, the French Quarter and the Warehouse District, other neighborhoods took the lead and developed their own culinary personalities.

South Market District: Out of nowhere

It's hard to believe a parking lot has morphed into a dining destination. The new residential and retail project near the CBD, with the grandiose name of the South Market District, has given the city this year a second Company Burger, John Besh's bakery and cafe Willa Jean and -- briefly -- the wacky but weak Ursa Major.

South Market District links up with a long overlooked nearby area that is also filling up with restaurants, like Balise from Justin Devillier, boutique hotels and even a circus theater.