Where to Eat the Best Fried Chicken in New Orleans

September 7, 2017
By: Nora McGunnigle

Fried chicken— America's favorite tender, juicy, crispy, and sometimes spicy dish — pretty much embodies the best of southern foodways. And though New Orleans is its own very special part of the South, the fried chicken offerings in town are some of the finest in the country, hands down.

The fried chicken options on this map cover the bases — from casual to fine dining, with take-out-only and large-order catering specialists included. Some places serve the classic bone in style, and others serve up fried chicken in sandwiches, with biscuits, and on waffles. Some are all chicken all the time, and some offer specials and plates once or twice a week.

Fried chicken thighs can be found for every meal of the day at Willa Jean. For breakfast and brunch, enjoy the chicken with a biscuit, topped with a Tabasco-spiked honey. For lunch and dinner, the fried chicken sandwich comes on a Hawaiian roll with a serrano chili slaw.