Plate: These Chefs Prove that Pimento Cheese is More Than Just a Dip

April 25, 2019
By: Amy Cavanaugh

Pimento cheese, the beloved spread of shredded Cheddar and diced pimentos bound with mayo, may have its origins in the early 20th century as a processed food product from New York State, but was perfected in the subsequent decades in the South. Nowadays, you can find pimento cheese everywhere, and in versions both highbrow and lowbrow. Pimento cheese is famously offered as a $1.50 sandwich at the Masters tournament, but these chefs are finding new ways to put it on their menus. In Chicago, you’ll find it in croquettes with country ham at Roister and slathered on a breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs and sausage at ALK. It stars on the cheese plate with country ham, pickled okra, and crackers that’s available all day at New Orleans’ Willa Jean. And at Little Rock’s Lost 40 Brewing, jalapenos sub in for pimentos in a pimento grilled cheese. Derby Day, held this year on May 4, is an ideal time to perfect your pimento cheese recipe, so we’ve rounded up a few other ways to work with the creamy, cheesy spread.